COVID-19 Closure of the City Buildings

Based on the advice of the Adams County Health Department, all City Buildings will be closing to the public at the end of business today (03/17/2020) until further notice.

Please click here to view the notice from Mayor Kyle Moore.

City Council

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Chambers 2

The City of Quincy is divided into seven (7) wards. Each ward is served by two (2) Aldermen elected to serve a four (4) year term. The elections alternate every two (2) years, having only one Aldermanic seat available at a time in the ward.

The Aldermen are appointed by the Mayor to serve on various commissions within city government. Aldermen address a variety of concerns with citizens residing in their ward, such as necessary repairs to streets, alleys, sidewalks, garbage collection, snow removal, etc.

The regular meeting of the City Council shall be held in the Council Chambers each Monday in every month at the hour of 7:00 PM. If the regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, the meeting shall take place on the next day at the same hour and place. The public is invited to attend.

Ward 1 Email Ald McKiernan & Ald EntrupAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 2Email Ald Bauer & Ald BergmanAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 3Email Ald Ernst & Ald FinneyAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 4Email Ald Farha & Ald SassenAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 5Email Ald Rein & Ald MastAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 6Email Ald Awerkamp & Ald ReisAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 7Email Ald Holtschlag & Ald UzelacAldermanic Wards, City Council

 Tonia McKiernan  Eric_Entrup  Bauer  Bergman
Tonia McKiernan
Ward 1
Eric Entrup
Ward 1

Dave Bauer
Ward 2
Jeff Bergman
Ward 2

908 Northridge Court
Quincy, IL 62305
1506 Highland Lane
Quincy, IL  62305
1612 Chestnut Street
Quincy, IL  62301
217-224-3822 (H)
217-223-7935 (W)
217-430-5630 (C)
1413 College Avenue
Quincy, IL  62301


Jason Finney
Farha  Sassen 
 Tom Ernst
Ward 3

 Jason Finney
Ward 3
Michael Farha
Ward 4

Anthony Sassen
Ward 4

2703 Kings Pointe NW

Quincy, IL 62305
3109 N. College
Quincy, IL  62301
2043 Vermont Street
Quincy, IL 62301

 2129 Grove Avenue
Quincy, IL 62301


Rein  Richie_Reis  Awerkamp, Katie
John Mast
Ward 5

 Mike Rein
Ward 5
 Richie Reis
Ward 6

 Katie Awerkamp
Ward 6

 4211 Bedford Ct.
Quincy, IL 62305

2901 Scotia Trail
Quincy, IL 62301

1000 St. Charles Drive
Quincy, IL 62305

1936 Washington
Quincy, IL 62301


Uzelac Pic

Jack Holtschlag
Ward 7

Ben Uzelac
Ward 7

633 Monroe Street
Quincy, IL 62301

600 Adams St.
Quincy, IL  62301