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The Engineering Department consists of the City Engineer, 2 Project Engineers, 4 Engineering Technicians and an Administrative Assistant. The department is responsible for the administration of public improvements within the city of Quincy. 

Engineering Department duties include planning, designing, cost estimation and supervision construction of infrastructure improvements in the city.  Such improvements include street reconstruction, alley and municipal parking lot improvements, water and sewer main construction, intersection signalization and other special projects.  On large scale improvement projects, the department oversees the hiring of private civil engineering consultants for project development and design and manages their performance through the completion of the project.

The department also reviews and evaluates subdivision and site plans within the city and 1.5 mile area surrounding the city limits.  Through these reviews, evaluations and site inspections, the department ensures that projects are designed and constructed to conform with City Ordinances in regards to drainage and public improvements.

The Engineering Department is also responsible for the maintenance of traffic signals and traffic signal equipment at the 58 signalized intersections within the city of Quincy. The Department also repairs and maintains over 600 street lights and 70 parking lot lights throughout the City, as well as, School Zone Flashers at 9 intersections and red or yellow flashing caution lights at 13 other intersections throughout the City. The Department also fields calls from residents concerning Ameren-owned streetlights that are not functioning properly. 

The department issues Street Opening Permits, Driveway Permits, Right-of-Construction Permits, Revocable Permits and Floodway Permits within the City of Quincy.  The department conducts site inspections on these permits to ensure that construction work is done to the specifications required by City Ordinance.

The Department also oversees the 3 City-owned landfills. Municipal Landfill #1 and Municipal Landfill #4 are sites that have been closed but still fall under the Jurisdiction of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and require maintenance and oversight by the City. Municipal Landfill Site #2/3 is a Superfund Site that is also closed but the City funds only 38% of the annual cost with the remainder of the cost being shared by several Quincy industries.  

Contact Information:
Jeffrey Conte
City Engineer
730 Maine Street
Quincy, IL 62301
(217) 228-4527