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Project Lifesaver

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Adams County Project Lifesaver

Adams County Project Lifesaver is a collaborative effort of the Quincy Police Department, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center, whose goal is to assist clients and families of individuals with Autism, Downs syndrome, Alzheimer’s and related diseases and disabilities. Project Lifesaver utilizes electronic technology to locate missing persons suffering from dementia-type disorders that wander.

Requirements for Participation

  • The client must be a resident of Adams County, Illinois.

  • The client must have a legally responsible caregiver willing to place the client in the program.

  • Clients and caregiver must abide by the conditions of the program and contract. These conditions include, but may not be limited to:

    1. Immediate notice to local authorities that the client is missing;

    2. Daily transmitter/battery check to ensure proper operation of equipment.

Cost of Program Participation

  • The goal of the program is to provide participation to all who meet the requirements, regardless of financial status.

  • The normal monthly lease, which includes monthly battery change, is $25.

  • A screening process is in place to identify those clients/caregivers who would qualify for participation in the program at no cost.

For More Information or to Apply

Please contact our Project Lifesaver coordinator at
217-222-1189 or 1-800-252-9027

Program Sponsorship

We are looking for persons, organizations and corporations to serve as sponsors for those in need in Quincy/Adams County. In order to fund and maintain the program, and provide for those who cannot afford it, we accept donations to the program.

If you can assist us, please feel free to contact
Lynn Niewohner
217-222-1189 or 1-800-252-9027

Your donation to Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center, a non-profit charitable organization, is tax deductible and all contributions are used directly for program operation.