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Neighborhood Watch

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Today, it is not unusual for a member of an American household to experience some type of crime within their lifetime. Americans today, more than ever, are getting involved to reduce the chances of themselves or their loved ones being victimized.

Throughout Illinois and across the country, concerned citizens are becoming a part of a Neighborhood Watch group. They feel by reducing opportunities for crime, looking out for their neighbors, and acting as extra eyes and ears for law enforcement, they can improve the quality of life in their community, their neighborhoods and their families in particular.

The City of Quincy implemented its first Neighborhood Watch Program by initiating its first watch in the area of Southern View, located on the south side of the City. This first Neighborhood Watch group began in 1987. The individual watch groups are comprised of citizens working in relation with the police department and the community to combat crime issues that affect their neighborhoods.

Each Watch may designate a specific time for conducting its own meetings. Neighborhood Watch meetings additionally receive information on current crime trends within the community.

One of the positive results of a strong Neighborhood Watch Program is a wealth of intelligence information for the residents and officers in that area. The incidences of unreported or unobserved crimes go down. A good Watch will foster a stronger team spirit between the community and the department.

We encourage you to join your Neighborhood Watch group, and if there is not a Watch group in your area, click here for more information.