Central Records

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The Central Records Section is a part of the administrative section of the Quincy Police Department. They type, maintain, review, and are responsible for all police generated reports, the cross-indexed files relating to these reports, as well as the distribution of copies of these reports to the proper locations/agencies.

Central Records provides informational services to the public, police personnel, and criminal justice agencies with certified legislation and is responsible for the dissemination of criminal history information to other police/court/corrections agencies.

This unit is responsible for gathering statistics in accordance with state guidelines, including entering all data collected from officers’ vehicle stops into the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Racial Profiling database for the State’s use, as well as compiling this same information into reports for the Chief of Police.

Central Records also provides court notification for witnesses, officers, and other pertinent parties, is usually the first to greet the public who come to the department, answers non-emergency telephone lines, takes messages for officers and employees of the department, and takes Teleserve reports.

Designated Central Records personnel take Teleserve reports by phone and in person for such complaints as minor theft, criminal damage, and lost property reports. This type of report taking frees up an officers time so they can concentrate more on other patrol duties.

So, if you need information about a report you filed, the Quincy Police Department’s Central Records Section is where you want go.  Reports may be available through the Freedom of Information Act. Additional information on the Freedom of Information Act may be found on the City's Public Records page.

Other Information you need to know before contacting Central Records is:


        Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
        Closed on Weekends and Holidays