Animal Control

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To contact an Animal Control Officer, please call (217) 222-9360

Animal Control Officers for the City of Quincy patrol the city protecting the public from the dangers of loose or stray wild and domesticated animals as well as protecting family pets when needed.

Animal Control's priorities are Public Safety and reuniting pets with owners.

If you lose your pet

If your animal is missing, call the dispatch non-emergency number, 217-222-9360 and give them a description of your missing pet including: breed, color, male or female, name and where you saw it last. Also give them your name, address and phone number.

This will help QPD return your pet to you.

Check QPD’s Facebook page, dogs that are impounded have their photos posted there.

Also check the Lost and Found Pets of Adams County Facebook page. The public post photos of found dogs there.

When you pick-up your pet you will be required to bring proof of its rabies vaccination or you will have to get one before your pet can be released. You will also have to get your pet microchipped if it doesn’t have one.

This is per the Illinois Animal Control Act 510 ILCS 5/10, paragraphs a, b and f and is not optional.


Animal Shelter Info
The city’s animal shelter is located at 3910 Wismann Ln and run by Western Illinois Veterinary Clinic.

Phone number is 217-228-0414.

Shelter Hours are Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday 7:30 am - noon.

If you have an animal problem

Call the dispatch non-emergency number: 217-222-9360 anytime of day or night.

Common Animal Ordinances

90.010 Animal at Large

Your Animal is not allowed to run off of your property.

90.009 Rabies Vaccination

Both cats and dogs in the city are required to have yearly rabies vaccinations.

90.096 Possession of Restricted Animals

Prior to getting an exotic pet, please check on permit requirements.


Types of wildlife in our area include raccoons, opossums, bats, foxes, coyotes and deer. This is normal.

Call dispatch if the animal is not acting normal or is inside the living quarters of your house.

For more information about wildlife go to the website "Wildlife Illinois" at

Additional Information

Proper Shelter

As a pet owner, you have responsibilities such as: giving your pet clean water, good food, proper shelter, and vet care when needed. An ID tag is also a good idea.

Dog left in car

Please do not leave your dog in a hot car, even for a little while. The ASPCA says when it's 80 degrees out, it can get to 99 in just 10 minutes inside your car.


Never, ever touch a bat! Bats are common and they sometimes make their way into houses. They can carry rabies. Call dispatch for assistance in removal.


Raccoons are common and they know when trash day is. Keep your garbage in a sealed container and keep your recycle bin inside.