4th of July

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Every year on the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate the birth of the nation by painting the sky with fireworks displays. Whether these events take place at the community park or in the privacy of your own backyard, they often result in serious injuries to children. In fact, children ages 10 to 15 suffer from fireworks-related injuries more than any other age group.

Fireworks thrill most children, but unfortunately, they are not always able to handle them correctly. Fireworks involve the use of fire and explosives, which we know can be deadly. Thousands of people suffer fireworks-related injuries every year across the country. Even legal fireworks such as “Sparklers”, which some people consider the “safest type” are frequently associated with injury among children ages 4 and under.

With this in mind, the Quincy Police Department will again take a tough stance on illegal use of fireworks. State law already makes it illegal to possess most types of fireworks in Illinois. In 1998, the Quincy City Council passed an amendment to the city ordinance making discharging or even possession of these fireworks illegal. The department will take a more proactive stance in fireworks enforcement. Penalties can range from simple confiscation to arrests.

We encourage everyone to enjoy Independence Day celebrations, but leave the fireworks to the experts.

If you need additional information, please call the Pro-Act Unit at the Quincy Police Department. The number is 217-228-4485.