Risk Watch

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The Quincy Fire Department coordinates the Risk Watch program for the grade schools of Quincy. For children ages 14 and under, the number-one health risk is injuries. Each year, unintentional injuries kill more than 6,000 kids and permanently disable more than 120,000. The Risk Watch program takes grade school students through eight areas of study that focus on reducing these preventable injuries:




  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Fire Burn Prevention
  • Choking, suffocation, and Strangulation Prevention
  • Poisoning Prevention
  • Falls Prevention
  • Firearms Injury Prevention
  • Bike and Pedestrian Safety
  • Water Safety

For each topic, the educators can also take advantage of our “Risk Experts.” The Risk Experts are members of local organizations who volunteer their time to speak to the students. At the end of the school year, all 1st and 3rd graders travel through the Safety Fair, which is a review and celebration of a year’s worth of Risk Watch education.