Public Education

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The mission of the Quincy Fire Department is a simple one, “To save lives and protect property.” In that endeavor, we spend a great deal of time, money and energy responding to and preparing for calls for help. In spite of all the hard and dangerous efforts of our firefighters, we firmly believe that the most productive method of protecting our citizens is to prevent tragedies before they strike. We prevent fires through Code Enforcement and Public Education. Of all the efforts, work and programs the Fire Department undertakes, Public Education has by far the greatest potential to increase the safety of our citizens and their property. It is our belief that an informed and aware public is their own best defense.

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In that belief, the Quincy Fire Department is making an ever-growing commitment to Public Education, especially with children. They are at greatest risk from fire injury and are also most receptive to fire safety principles.

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It is the goal of the Public Education division to make contact with every Quincy child at least twice before age 12.


We have a number of programs available, each appropriate for a specific age group. One of the most effective programs offered is the “Children’s Safety House.” This is a specially built mobile house that travels to schools. In it children are taught essential survival and escape skills in the event of a fire in the home. This wonderful and educational program is available to schools and children’s organizations within a 50-mile radius of Quincy. Please contact the Quincy Fire Department for further information.

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Other programs include the “Friendly Monster” demonstration, a visit from Sparky the fire dog or even Pluggy the talking fire hydrant. All of these programs and special characters are effective attention-getters that help us get our message across.


Of course not all of our programs are geared towards young children. Our Public Education personnel attend many community activities and group meetings, speaking to groups of all ages. After all, it is our firm belief that “not having a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” For information on scheduling a Public Education program contact the Administrative Office.

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