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Fire Corps

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What is Fire Corps?

Fire Corps is the key component of Citizen Corps that supports and supplements resource-constrained fire and EMS departments through the use of citizen advocates for non-operational activities. Fire Corps provides information to fire and EMS departments nationwide on how to implement a citizen advocate program and promote it in their community. Fire Corps is coordinated nationally through a collaborative partnership of the International Association of Fire Chiefs' Volunteer Combination Officers Section, the International Association of Firefighters, the National Volunteer Fire Council, and the U.S. Fire Administration.

Focus on FIRE

Fire departments can engage citizens who are interested in assisting the department in a variety of non-operational activities.


Citizen advocates who aid departments in non-operational activities allow first responders to focus their efforts on being prepared for and responding to the most critical, life-threatening situations. Everyone can do something to support their local fire departments.

* Administrative activities such as assisting with compiling reports, answering telephone calls, managing records, and other office tasks.
* Assist with the Quincy Fire Department's youth based program - Exploring.
* Life Safety Education.
* Special Projects.
* Grant Writing.
* Website Content Development.
* Newsletter Development.
* Data Management.
* Fire Ground Rehabilitation Services.
To Become a Part of the Quincy Fire Department's FIRE CORPS
Contact the Quincy Fire Department at or at (217) 228-4459 to get more information. Participants will be required to:
* Complete the Fire Corps Application.
* Consent to a Background Check
* Sign a Liability and Photo Release Waiver
* Attend an Orientation
* Wear Identifying Clothing when required (provided)
* Keep an Identification Badge on Their Person at All Times When Performing Fire Corps Work (provided)

Note: Applicants will only be accepted into the program if there is a need they are qualified to fill. The Fire Chief will have the ultimate authority to grant, deny or revoke membership for any reason.

Fire Corps is an integral part of Citizen Corps, the Department of Homeland Security's grass-roots movement that actively involves everyone in making our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared. To learn more about Fire Corps and Citizen Corps programs, visit