Business Inspections

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Both as a community service and as a requirement by the ISO, the Quincy Fire Department performs fire inspections of every business on a biannual basis. This means that your business will be inspected by our firefighters every other year.

Please note: Residential inspections are not required in the City of Quincy. However, the Quincy Fire Department will do a home inspection upon request. Please contact the Fire Chief’s Office for further information.

Generally inspections are performed during the months of April through October, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. Special arrangements can be made for businesses in which these hours prove to be a hardship. A fire department representative will contact you to schedule an inspection.

Why do we do inspections? First, we do them in an attempt to prevent a fire in your building from ever happening. Second, these walk-through inspections allow our people to become more familiar with your building, thus making our operations more effective. Lastly, these inspections are vital to maintaining our city insurance rating, which directly affects the cost of your insurance!

What are they looking at? In general we are looking for obvious safety and fire hazards. Inspections usually take less than 45 minutes and will not interfere with your normal business activities.

Are Inspections mandatory? Yes, you are required by City code to allow us access to your building and you must correct any violations found. We will however go to great lengths to cooperate with you in coming into compliance.

I do not agree with results of my inspection, do I have recourse? Yes, if you feel as though the inspection results are unfair or incorrect, please contact the Fire Chief's Office.