2015 Leadership Award

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This year’s recipient of the Leadership Award is a 28-year veteran of the department.  He has twice been recognized by his peers as an Employee of the Month.  He has been recognized as a Firefighter of the Year by the Quincy Fire Department and Quincy Exchange Club and has received a letter of commendation from the department for his actions in recognizing carbon monoxide poisoning in two patients that were being treated at Blessing Hospital.  He contacted the department and subsequently five additional people were rescued from the home and transported to the hospital via ambulance.

This individual gives of himself fully to the emergency services.  He is a firefighter, paramedic and nurse.  He has spent countless hours working nights and holidays, at two different jobs, in a capacity that serves the public.  One would argue that he does this because he loves his work, and there is no doubt in my mind that this is true.  However, I also feel it is because he feels a sense of duty to his fellow man.

This year, this individual took it upon himself to move a memorial to a fallen firefighter from Station #5 to Central so it could be a part of the Fallen Firefighter Memorial Garden.  He also took it upon himself to give the garden an “overhaul.”  He did this on his own time, and with his own dollars.  However, most importantly, he did it out of respect for the men that have fallen in the line of duty protecting the citizens of our City.

He was once described as a burned marshmallow – “Crusty o the outside but soft in the middle.”  This was not meant as disrespect, but as insight into who he is as a person.  He is a caring individual with a servant’s heart and a leader’s disposition.

It is my pleasure to confer the 2015 Leadership Award on a man for whom I have much respect, Lieutenant Dennis Behl.