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2015 Firefighter of the Year
Firefighter Dave Horman


This year’s recipient of the Firefighter of the Year designation is ten-year veteran of the department.  He is an individual that very much stays behind the scenes and is often referred to as “low key”.  He is involved in many aspects of the department as he serves on the Foreign Fire Insurance Board and the Quincy Firefighter Pension Fund.  Both of these commitments require much time and effort and he gives of himself willingly to serve in both capacities.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this individual is his compassion for others.  Twice in the past few years he has gone out of his way to help others in need. The first situation involved a family that had a fire around the Christmas holidays.  The roof on the home had sustained damage and the family was going to be unable to afford repairs.  This firefighter took it upon himself to gather up volunteers and resources to repair the roof, at no expense to the family.

The second incident involved our very own Retired Senior Volunteer Program Assistant, Marge McMullen.  Marge had contracted with someone to make repairs to her leaking roof.  She had commented to the ladies in the office that the man would show up sporadically and not stay for very long.  Zenda asked if our Firefighter of the Year would run by Marge’s house some time and look to see if the work was completed in a satisfactory fashion.  While it was found that the patches were adequate, the firefighter commented the entire roof was in need of replacement.  He mentioned to me that if I would send an e-mail out asking for volunteers to donate some money to help cover materials, he would gather the volunteers to install the roof.  Within a few weeks the money was collected and the roof was installed.  Marge was so thankful that she was in my office one day, in tears, remarking on the generosity and giving nature of firefighters.

While neither of these projects was completed in their entirety by this firefighter, they both started with him.  His compassionate heart and willingness to give of his time and efforts helped these two families in a way they could not help themselves.  These very situations speak to the heart of what a firefighter is to the community, protectors and caregivers.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the 2015 Firefighter of the Year, Dave Horman. Dave was recognized and presented with the award at the January annual party.