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2011 Firefighter of the Year
Firefighter Jerry Smith

Smith, J 2

This year’s recipient of the Firefighter of the Year honor may come as a surprise to some.  Yet, I feel as though I can honestly say that the recognition is very much deserved.  This individual is a hard worker, is passionate about his work, and is highly skilled at his trade. 

This past year has seen this individual grow into a real “mover and shaker” within the department.  He has taken on a service officer role that not many people strive to fill.  His willingness to do the work and his desire to do it well has contributed to a renewed vigor within the public education team.  This individual worked tirelessly, spending many off duty hours, to organize a Fire Prevention Week kick-off event at the Quincy mall this past October.  In developing relationships to bring resources to the event he came across an opportunity to bring additional dollars to the public education program.  Through his efforts, $500 was secured through a donation by TGIFridays to help make our newest public education program, “Keep the Wreaths Red” a reality.  This individual did not act alone.  The entire public education team has rallied into a group that has worked to improve the quality of the Quincy Fire Department’s public safety message.  However, this individual has been a big part of this renewed success

This year’s Firefighter of the Year has served the department as an EMS service officer and CPR instructor in the past and still volunteers on occasion to teach EMS skills.  He is civically minded, a hard worker, and an asset to this department.  It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2011 Firefighter of the Year, Jerry Smith.