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2010 Firefighter of the Year
Firefighter Mick Crist


 Crist 2

This year’s recipient of the Firefighter of the Year honor is an individual that you won’t necessarily find in front of a crowd.  He does not seek out attention nor does he necessarily receive it.  He is the type of individual that is consistently surveying the scene to determine what needs to be done.  He is well organized and sets a good example for his fellow coworkers.  He makes solid decisions and is a good problem solver on emergency scenes.  He works well under pressure and is seldom rattled.  His calm demeanor can bring order to a sometimes chaotic scene.  He is just the type of firefighter you want around.

This individual is also a Jack-of-all-trades.  He is safety oriented, skillful and has some knowledge in just about everything.  He is also an individual that relishes involvement.  He serves as a Code Enforcement/Fire Prevention service officer, he is a member of the technical rescue team and he steps up to help with various other projects throughout the year such as volunteering to paint the walls of the apparatus bay at Station #5.  This individual was named the Quincy Fire Department’s Employee of the Month in June 2010.

It is my pleasure to announce this year’s recipient of the Quincy Fire Department’s Firefighter of the Year award, Mick Crist.