2018 Exchange Club FF

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2018 Exchange Club Firefighter of the Year 


 Deputy Chief Greg Dreyer

This year’s recipient is a 25 year veteran of the Quincy Fire Department.  He has held virtually every rank within the structure of the department and currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Operations.  Within the scope of his work he is responsible for overseeing the day –to-day operations of the department, apparatus maintenance issues, code enforcement and plan review (to name a few).  He has served with honor and integrity during this time and has proven himself to be an asset to the department.

He is a certified Fire Inspector, a Firefighter III, Apparatus Engineer, Fire Officer II and was a paramedic for many years.  He is a past recipient of the Quincy Fire Department’s Firefighter of the Year recognition and the Quincy Fire Department’s Leadership Award.  He was recognized as a member of a Crew of the Month this past year and was one of the first individuals within the department to receive the newly created community service ribbon.  He also served a number of years with the Executive Board of Firefighters Local 63 before being promoted out of the organization.

It is important to note, that all of the things that I have mentioned are not the reasons for why he is recognized today.  Today’s recognition is about all of the other things that he has done.  He is the first to step-up when there is a service opportunity; whether it is ringing bells for the Salvation Army or preparing the food for the Quincy Fire Department’s Annual Golf Benefit for Camp Callahan.  When there is a member of the department in need of his expertise, he is always willing to go out of his way to assist them, on his own time, to ensure that their needs are met.  A few years ago, he took on the responsibility of preparing all of the food for the Quincy Fire Department’s Annual Party and recognition event.  He also spearheads the food preparation efforts for the Quincy Fire Department’s newly implemented Retiree’s Breakfast.

He has worked hard to improve the Quincy Fire Department’s inspection and plan-review processes.  He was the driving force between the recent implementation of the “Compliance Engine”, a third party program that helps ensure that business are remaining compliant with City Codes and report the information in a timely fashion.  He has received extensive training and has become one of the City’s foremost authorities on the Fire and Building Codes.  He even uses his talents to make improvements around the Quincy Fire Department properties.  On more than one occasion, he has helped with remodeling and construction efforts by not only leading some of the processes, but by jumping in and laboring to ensure that the work got done.

It is safe to say that this individual’s fingerprints are all over the Quincy Fire Department.  There is not much that goes on around the Department that he is not a part of.  His expertises, and his drive, have played a big part in making the department what it is today.  It is for these reasons that I am proud to present this year’s Exchange Club Firefighter of the Year recognition to Deputy Chief Greg Dreyer of the Quincy Fire Department.