2012 Exchange Club FF

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 Lieutenant Eric Becks  Firefighter Justin Twaddle

Lieutenant Eric Becks and Firefighter Justin Twaddle were recognized as the Quincy Exchange Club's Firefighters of the Year on October 26, 2012. Congratulations to them both! An excerpt from their nomination follows:

On this morning the Quincy Fire Department was dispatched to 303 Ohio for a reported structure fire.  Lieutenant Eric Becks, Firefighter Justin Twaddle and Firefighter Mark Bichsel were assigned to Engine Company 5 and had the responsibility of being on the first Engine Company on scene.  En route to the fire Engine 5’s crew was advised that all but one occupant was out of the house; it was reported that there was still a child inside. 

Upon arrival at the scene Lt. Eric Becks and Firefighter Twaddle quickly donned their gear and made their way to the house to initiate a rescue operation.  They were met by the grandfather of the child and given some direction as to how they might quickly locate the child on the second floor of the home.  Firefighter remained at the apparatus to perform the apparatus engineer requirements.

Both Lt. Becks and Firefighter Twaddle made their way up the stairs to the second floor where they encountered heavy smoke and heat.  Undeterred, they entered the bedroom that the child was reportedly in and performed a search.  Upon locating the crib, Firefighter Twaddle reached inside to find the child and quickly removed her to the safety.  Based upon the fire investigation later that day, it was determined that the room flashed over soon after you removed they child to safety.

Lieutenant Becks and Firefighter Twaddle were recognized by the Quincy Fire Department with its Medal of Valor and by the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal with the State of Illinois’ Firefighter Medal of Honor for their actions.  Firefighter Bichsel was recognized with a Letter of Commendation from the Quincy Fire Department for his actions on that day as well.