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The Quincy Historic Preservation Commission helps individuals, businesses and organizations to identify, protect and preserve Quincy’s architectural and cultural resources and fosters widespread appreciation and respect for Quincy’s heritage. Many of the Commission’s goals are accomplished through the work of its volunteer members, who meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the Planning Department Conference Room.

Historic Preservation is guided by Title XV, Chapter 162 of the City Code. The purposes of preservation efforts in Quincy are:

  1. To survey, designate, identify, preserve, rehabilitate, enhance and perpetuate those properties and improvements which reflect the historical, cultural, artistic, social, ethnic or other heritage of the nation, state or community, or which may be representative of an architectural style or engineering method inherently valuable for the study of a period, craftsmanship, type of construction or use of indigenous materials.

  2. To promote the public health, safety and welfare.

  3. To advance sound urban planning.

  4. To stabilize and improve the economic vitality and value of the designated properties and improvements in particular and of the City of Quincy in general.

  5. To foster civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past and to promote the education of the general public concerning historical and architectural preservation.

  6. To enhance the City's attraction to visitors and thereby stimulate tourism, commerce and industry.

  7. To encourage the continued private ownership and use of designated properties and improvements to the maximum extent consistent with the above objectives.