Right On Q

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Being Right on Q permeates every aspect of life in Quincy and Adams County. It’s about hard, honest work. It’s about excellent schools. It’s about developing a highly skilled workforce. It’s about working to make downtown a vibrant place to work, play and live.

It’s about the way people maintain their homes and groom their yards, not merely out of pride but from a deep sense of community. Right on Q is the rally cry for taking responsibility, taking ownership, and rising above It’s about how people here make the extra effort to do their best, even when no one is watching, because it’s who they are.

Up and down the Mississippi, and far and wide, Quincy is known for majestic old homes. For companies that have made names around the world. For the region’s outstanding healthcare. For esteemed educational institutions that share our name and heritage. For its gentle way of living.

But come spend a little time here, and in the end you’ll know us best by heart. A heart for caring and the common good. A heart that leads people to give, for as long as it takes. A heart that goes the extra mile to welcome you, support you and encourage you.

That’s not just our promise. It’s our heritage.

Quincy, in Adams County, Illinois