Paratransit Services

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The Quincy Transit Lines offers a Paratransit service to complement the regular fixed route services. QTL has four paratransit buses in service Monday through Friday and one paratransit bus available on Saturdays/Sundays & Holidays to assist Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligible people who would like to utilize the bus services.


Under the ADA regulations, there are three categories of people who are eligible for ADA paratransit. Any individual qualifies who has a disability and is:
  • Unable, as a result of a physical or mental impairment, to get on, ride or get off an accessible vehicle on the public transit system; or
  • Needs the assistance of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device and is able, with such assistance, to get on, ride and get off an accessible vehicle, BUT, such vehicle is not available on the route when the individual wants to travel; or
  • Has a specific impairment-related condition (including vision, hearing or impairments causing disorientation), which prevents travel to or from a stop on the system. 
If a person believes he/she is eligible to ride the paratransit buses, the applicant should contact the Quincy Transit Lines office at 2020 Jennifer Road, call 217-228-4550 or 217-224-3535 or email the office at to request an application, or download the application from the link below. Applicants will be notified of their eligibility within 21 days of receipt of their application. All eligible persons will receive an Eligibility Card. If an applicant is denied eligibility, the applicant will have the right to appeal. Information on the appeals process shall be sent to him.
The purpose of the Quincy Paratransit Service is to provide transportation to persons with disabilities who cannot use the regular fixed route bus service due to those disabilities.  The Paratransit service is not intended to be a substitute for available medical services.  With your cooperation and assistance the service can be a safe, timely, and productive service for everyone concerned.  Please adhere to these policies.  To use the Para transit vehicle, an individual under age 60 must complete an Americans with Disabilities Application and have it approved by the QTL. Once approved, the individual must schedule his/her use of the bus by contacting the dispatcher at (217) 224-3535. QTL requests that all trips be scheduled 24 hours in advance to avoid delays and conflicts.

All ADA approved riders (those UNDER the age of 60) are charged $1.00 per ride in town and $6.00 per ride out of city limits. All passengers OVER the age of 60 are charged $2.50 per ride in town and $6.00 per ride out of the city limits and are billed through the Senior Center. (See link about Senior Citizen Transportation.)  Punch cards are also available:

"Punch Cards"
QTL has punch cards available for Paratransit riders under age 60 who would like to pre-pay for rides.  Punch cards are either 10 rides for $7.50 or 20 rides for $15.00.  Punch cards may be purchased from any Paratransit driver.  Paratransit passengers should present their punch cards each time they board the bus.

To schedule a ride or cancel a ride, call the Dispatcher: 

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. / Monday through Friday (except holidays)
After hours dial 217-231-8842 to cancel a reservation
Information on Quincy Transit Lines service is available in accessible formats upon request
(Braille, large print, audio tape, & computer disk) by calling 217-228-4550
Illinois Relay Service for the Hearing Impaired:
The system is opened 24 hours a day and is free of charge:
TTY Dial – 1-800-526-0844 or 711
Voice User Dial – 1-800-526-0857 or 711

Quincy Transit Lines Paratransit Services

  1. Prior to using Paratransit Services, all passengers under 60 must complete an ADA application form and be approved by the WCICIL Office before steady use is available.
  2. Passengers should try to schedule doctor appointments prior to 3:30 p.m. in order to make transportation schedules as the last pick up can be no later than 6:00 p.m.
  3. Passengers must be able to walk onto the bus, be in a standard wheelchair/scooter, and/or use the bus lift. No Geri chairs allowed.  All chairs are required to be securely belted.
  4. No packages allowed, unless passengers are able to carry on and/or hold it in their lap.  Drivers should not load and unload packages.
  5. Drivers will not handle wheelchairs that have to be maneuvered over more than one step in height from the home or business.
  6. No medical apparatus (except oxygen supplies that can be secured). No gurneys are allowed.
  7. Any passenger being transported will be fully clothed, and drivers will not be expected to help dress any passenger.
  8. All passengers should be ready within five (5) minutes after arrival of bus [after five (5) minutes the bus may leave].
  9. No passenger may ride who has an illness that could be transmitted to the drivers or other passengers who may be on the bus. 
  10. Next day bookings may be available. Same day appointments are discouraged and may not be approved.
  11. The service area is limited to Quincy and some areas of Adams County. No rides outside of Adams County.
  12. Passengers will not be transported on the Paratransit service in lieu of a more appropriate ambulance service. 
  13. Medical emergency calls will be denied.  Qualified medical personnel, not bus drivers, should handle these.
  14. All passengers are required to wear seat belts unless a qualified physician grants written release.
  15. Passengers wanting to change destination must have prior approval of the Dispatching Office.
  16. Any animal riding on a Paratransit bus must be contained in an approved carrier (except Seeing eye or helping dogs)
  17. No tipping is permitted to any bus driver.
  18. All wheelchairs and similar devices must be fastened down before the driver leaves the stop.