General Aviation Information

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Quincy Regional Baldwin Field: located 10 nm East of the center of Quincy, IL, on State Route 104, 1645 Highway 104. Central Time Zone - subtract 6 - (5 in Daylight Time) from UCT. N39° 56.56' W91° 11.67'. Class G Airspace; see NOTAMS Directory for Class E hours. Zip: 62301; Area Code: 217; Variation: 1° 30' East.
Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1769 (1000' Above Ground Level) Left pattern, all runways.
Charts: Sectional: Kansas City; High Alt: H-46, Low: 11D, 21B
Airport Director: Please call 217-885-3285.
Weather Data Sources: ASOS (Reports altimeter, visibility, cloud/ceiling data, precip. identification, and intensity and freezing rain). 118.325; 217/885-3319; St Louis Flight Service 122.5; 1-800-993-7433.
Communications: CTAF/UNICOM 123.00; St. Louis FSS (STL) TF 1-800-WX-BRIEF; NOTAM FILE UIN; RCO 122.1 R 113.6T (St Louis FSS) RCO 122.5 (St Louis FSS); Kansas City Center APP/DEP 135.525.
Close Flight Plan With: St. Louis FSS on 122.5 or KC Center on 135.525.
Radio Aids to Navigation: NOTAM FILE UIN; (H) VORTAC 113.6 UIN Chan 83 N39° 53.22' W92° 16.73'; 029° 6.9 NM to field. 710 5E; HIWAS. NDB (MHW/LOM) 293 UI N39° 53.22' W91° 15.22 037, 4.3 NM to field. Unmonitored. ILS 110.1 I UIN Runway 04 LOM QUINCY NDB.
Runways: 04-22: 7098X150 (Asphalt, concrete, grooved); 04: Road. 18-36:5399X150 (Concrete); 18: Tree; 36: Road. 18-36 5399 X 150 (Concrete) [restricted to day VFR only for all air carrier over 30 passenger seats]. 13-31: 5125X 150 (Asphalt, grooved).
Runway Lights:04-22: HIRL (High Intensity); 04: MALSR (Medium Intensity Approach Lights System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights); 18-36: LIRL (Low Intensity Runway Lights); 13-31: MIRL (Medium Intensity Runway Lights).
Activating Runway Lights:04-22 is preset at low intensity. To increase intensity of lights on 04-22, and to activate runway lights on 13-31 and 18-36, key mike on 123.0, as follows: Highest available intensity - 7 times within 5 second; medium or lower intensity - 5 times within 5 seconds; Lowest intensity available - 3 times within 5 seconds.
VASI: Runway 22 (V4L) 4-box VASI on left side of runway; Approach slope angle: 3°; threshold crossing height: 43'. Runway 13 (V4L); Approach slope angle: 3°; threshold crossing height: 31'.
Published Public Use Instrument Approach Procedures: (1) ILS Rwy 4 (ADF required); (2) LOC/DME BC Rwy 22; (3) VOR/DME or GPS Rwy 22; (4) VOR/DME RNAV or GPS Rwy 13; (5) VOR/DME RNAV or GPS RWY 31; (6) VOR or GPS Rwy 4; (7) NDB Rwy 4. No non-standard Alternate Minimums or IFR Take-off Minimums.
Victor Airways in Vicinity:  V50 to Kirksville, MO; V53 to St. Louis; V63 to Hallsville, MO; V116 to Hallsville, MO and Peoria; V582 to St. Louis.
Taxiways: Taxiway E to Rwy 18 is not available to air carrier aircraft over 30 passenger seats.
Airport Remarks: Rotating beacons, migratory waterfowl and deer on and in vicinity of the airport. Not a customs Airport of Entry. Airport is certified under FAR, Part 139, serving Department of Transportation certified carriers, with available crash, fire, and rescue equipment. Unscheduled air carrier operations with more than 30 passenger seats call airport manager (217/885-3241) during business hours. Users should contact airport manager when intending to land with weights in excess of published maximums.
VOR Receiver Check Point: Ground check on West side of terminal ramp, 029° 6.6 NM from UIN (113.6).
Special VFR Clearance: (requires 1 mi visibility and clear of clouds - Night, requires instrument rating and equipped plane) Contact St. Louis FSS on 122.5 or KC Center on 135.525.
Airport Transportation: Taxi: Diamond Cab, 217/222-6820; Car Rental: Hertz, 217-885-3994.
Fixed Base Operator: Great River Aviation LLC, Quincy Regional-Baldwin Field; 217-885-3353. UNICOM 123.0. Computerized weather service. Airframe and powerplant. Fuel: 100LL; Jet-premix. Fees: Hangar and tiedowns. Hours: Mon-Fri 1030-0530Z, Sat 1130-0230Z.
Additional Pilot Services:Courtesy car at Great River Aviation LLC; Taxi: Diamond Cab, 222-6700, 222-6820; On field car rental: Hertz, 222-8520, 885-3994; Motels: Holiday Inn (223-7800) - free airport shuttle; Fairfield Inn (223-5922); Stoney Creek Inn (223-2255) - free airport shuttle; Flight Standards District Office (Springfield) 217-744-1910; Snack Machine: Inside Great River Aviation LLC; Soda Machines: Outside main hangar, and in baggage claims area in the Terminal Building; Public Restrooms: Lower level of Terminal Building. ATM: Lobby of Terminal Building. Terminal Building Hours: 5:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.