COVID-19 Closure of the City Buildings

Based on the advice of the Adams County Health Department, all City Buildings will be closing to the public at the end of business today (03/17/2020) until further notice.

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Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Budgeted Revenues by Source
Estimated to be raised from sources other than taxation for General Corporate Purposes and for Special Purposes.

General Fund - Beginning Funds on Hand $1,962,000
General Fund - Cash Reserve Funds 3,446,395
Capital Fund - Beginning Funds on Hand 2,570,000


Sales Tax 9,931,455
Home Rule Sales Tax 9,434,784
Income Tax 4,093,775
Personal Property Replacement Tax 2,969,000
Other Tax Revenues (includes $800,00 from Amendment A) 2,162,790
Licenses & Permits 292,900
Charges for Services 666,300
Rent & Other Income 11,050
Interest Income 42,000
Grants 73,000
Transfers - In 753,959
Inter-Governmental Revenues 731,340
TOTAL before property tax revenues $31,162,353

Total to be Raised by Taxation for General Corporate Purpose 0.00
Total to be Raised by Taxation for Special Purposes 0.00

Debt Retirement:
Series 2009C General Obligation Corporate Purpose Bond (09-27) 402,258
Series 2010 General Obligation Refunding Bond (10-12) 113,780
Series 2015 General Obligation Refunding Bond (15-21) 1,192,784

For Employee Retirement:
Firemen's Pension Fund 2,348,205
Policemen's Pension Fund 2,335,877

For Public Library 732,045
For Special Service Area 95,912

Total to be Raised by Taxation for General and Special Corporate Purposes $7,220,861

I, Sheri Ray, Budget Officer, hereby certify that these are the estimated revenues, by source, to be received by the City of Quincy during the 2019-2020 fiscal year covered by the approved budget.