COVID-19 Closure of the City Buildings

Based on the advice of the Adams County Health Department, all City Buildings will be closing to the public at the end of business today (03/17/2020) until further notice.

Please click here to view the notice from Mayor Kyle Moore.

Balancing Act

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3 easy steps to learn & participate in the Fiscal Year 2021 budget process:

Decide how you would spend the money.

Provide your feedback with our balanced budget simulation.

Generate your taxpayer receipt. Instructions below


Balancing Act Budget Simulation

Participate in the balancing of the City of Quincy’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget in a fun and interactive way.  From your smartphone, tablet or computer, use the City’s new online budget simulation tool called “Balancing Act.”  This tool allows users to learn how tax revenues are budgeted, and how revenues are spent. The tool illustrates how the City’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget will be developed. The budget simulator challenges residents and stakeholders to actively balance their own version of the City’s budget, subject to the same constraints City Council members face annually when considering the City’s recommended operating and capital budgets. Learn about the complex trade-offs necessary to balance the general fund budget, then try your hand at balancing increases in certain programs and services with cuts in others. 

Click here to balance your own version of the City of Quincy's budget for Fiscal Year 2021.
Using the budget simulation:

Learn about Revenue and Spending

The revenue section allows you to increase or decrease the amount of money coming from different sources. You will see the total amount of money from that source as well as the current tax rate, if applicable.

The spending section allows you to increase or decrease the amount of money that is spent on certain items. Click the arrow to the right to expand a category to see its sub-categories. This is where you will make your changes.

Consider Categories and Sub-Categories

Make changes by adding or subtracting money from the sub-categories by clicking "plus" and "minus." At any time you can reset to the original budget by clicking the grey "reset" button. Any adjustments will be updated in the category total with the math shown on the right.

Keep an eye on the Deficit and Surplus

Remember to keep an eye on the deficit and surplus. The indicator in the middle will tell you how much money you need to adjust in the revenue and spending categories to get in balance. You cannot submit a budget with a deficit, but you can submit a budget with a surplus.

Look for More Info and More Details

Keep a look out for this symbol: 

                                                        i button

Clicking the info button will give you more details about the specific things included in that sub-issue.

Submit Your Budget

When you are finished making your budget, click "Submit" to share your budget and comments with officials.

You will see a summary of all changes made after you submit. You will also have the opportunity to share Balancing Act with friends and family.

Balancing Act Taxpayer Receipt

See where your City of Quincy property taxes are spent in Fiscal Year 2020 based on the actual taxable value of your home.

Click here to view your Taxpayer Receipt.

Using the Taxpayer Receipt:

Step 1: Answer a few simple questions.

-Annual income
-% of shopping local
-Do you own a home? If so, find the ASSESSED VALUE from your most recent tax bill or by visiting the Adams County website, under “Public Records”, click the Property Tax link. (Typically, the ASSESSED VALUE is approximately 1/3 of the MARKET VALUE of your home.)

Step 2: Check out your unofficial taxpayer receipt.

Your total is at the bottom. Click the information button to see what is included in each item, or to see the breakdown between property tax, sales tax, and income tax.