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How to Sign up for Water & Sewer

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First time applicants with the City of Quincy Department of Utilities must apply in person at

Department of Utilities
City Hall - First Floor
730 Maine Street
Quincy, IL  62301

Applicants for water service are required to complete a written application containing the following information:

1. Location of where water service is to be provided (i.e., the service address)
2. Names of all adults living full time at the service address
3. Applicant’s employer
4. Daytime and evening telephone numbers
5. Mailing address if different from the service address
6. Password to be used by persons wishing to inquire about the account.

The applicant must provide two (2) forms of identification, one (1) of which must be photo identification (e.g. valid driver’s license, state issued identification card, passport, and FOID card). Forms of secondary identification that may be used include Social Security cards, credit cards and student identification cards.

Applicants who are tenants at the service address must provide a copy of their current lease, as well as the property owner’s name, address and telephone number. If a lease is not available, the property owner will be required to sign a consent form verifying that the applicant is the tenant at that service address.

Persons acting as a legal representative on behalf of an applicant must provide Power of Attorney or Executor documents for proof of appointment.

Applicants who have failed to pay for previous services provided by the City of Quincy will be required to pay all past due amounts before water service is initiated. The customer activation fee payment is also required before water service is initiated.

By signing the application for service, the applicant assumes responsibility for all charges at the service address and agrees to allow access to any water meter(s) located on the property.

Once service has been initiated, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform the Department of Utilities of any changes in information provided on the application of service.

The City of Quincy Department of Utilities reserves the right to verify any or all information provided through the application process.

Residential Water Service Application

Customer Activation Fee

First-time applicants and customers who are re-applying for water and/or sewer service after a period of inactivity will be required to pay a Customer Activation Fee. Current customers in good standing that are switching the location of service will not be required to pay an Activation Fee.

Customer Billing

Residential and most commercial customers are billed for service quarterly (once every three (3) months) for both water and sewer use. Industrial and some commercial customers may be billed monthly. Bills are generated by districts based on the service address.

All charges for service are set by City of Quincy ordinance and will be reviewed and adjusted as needed by the Quincy City Council. Please see City Code Sections 51.315-321 for current sewer rates and Section 52.037 for current water rates.

Customers participating in the City of Quincy Garbage Tote Program will be charged for services quarterly on their water bill. 

Payment is due approximately twenty (20) days following the date of the bill. If an account is carrying an unpaid balance, current charges will be added to the unpaid amount. Accounts not paid within twenty (20) days following the bill due date will be deemed delinquent and charged a penalty. 

Customer Payments

By applying for water and sewer services with the Department of Utilities, the applicant agrees to pay for these services as billed. The customer remains responsible for payment of these services until termination is requested and the final bill is paid. If left unpaid, a final balance will be transferred to another active service in the customer’s name, if available. No customer will be permitted to initiate service until all past due balances from previous services are paid in full.

Customers may pay for services in one of the following manners:

  • Mail - Customers may send check or money order payments by mail using the return envelope provided with their bill. If an envelope is not included with the bill, please remit payment to the following address: Department of Utilities Quincy City Hall 730 Maine Street Quincy, IL 62301
  • In Person - Payments can be made in person using cash, check or credit and debit cards at the Department of Utilities located at the address above. A service fee will be charged for credit and debit card payments made in person at the Department of Utilities if customer service clerk assistance is required. The customer may pay their bill through the internet terminal in City Hall using a credit or debit card without incurring a service charge.
  • Drop Box - Drop boxes with twenty-four (24) hour accessibility are available for your convenience at the following locations: City Hall - Inside the east building entrance (8th Street) City Hall Plaza Parking Lot - West side of the building
  • On-line Bill Pay - One-time on-line payments can be made by visiting the City's Payment Portal or customer payment terminal located in City Hall using Discover, Visa, Mastercard and electronic checks. No additional fees apply.
  • Auto Pay - Payments can be automatically deducted from your checking and savings account or charged to your credit card by enrolling in Auto Pay. Please visit the City Payment Portal. No additional fees apply