COVID-19 Closure of the City Buildings

Based on the advice of the Adams County Health Department, all City Buildings will be closing to the public at the end of business today (03/17/2020) until further notice.

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History Highlights

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“Whatever you are, be a good one.” ― Abraham Lincoln
  • Quincy has proven since its 1825 inception, to be a “good” city. Good at industry, commerce, ingenuity and hospitality. And good at providing a welcoming, safe harbor and home to people suffering adversity.
  • Quincy is known as Illinois’ “Gem City,” on the western border of the state where Iowa & Missouri meet. During the 19th Century, Quincy was a thriving transportation center as riverboats and rail service linked the city to many destinations west and along the river.
  • Separated only by the river from the slave state of Missouri, Quincy was a pivotal community on the issue of slavery and equality. In the 1830s it served as a key link in the Underground Railroad, and later was often frequented by Abraham Lincoln. The 6th Lincoln-Douglas Debate was held in Quincy’s Washington Park in 1858.
  • During the 1860s Augustine Tolton relocated as a young boy to Quincy, later becoming the first black priest in the United States.
  • Quincy was once Illinois’ second-largest city, surpassing Peoria in 1870. Today, it remains a prominent river city, and is an integral part of the Great River Road, America’s historic north-south transcontinental byway since 1938.
  • A mighty duo exists in our fair city: preservation and progression. Hence, there are 3,600+ buildings contributing to 4 National Historic Register Historic Districts, 28 parks, 18 Lincoln Storyboards, 10 museums, 70 locally owned eateries, and 5 wineries.
  • Continued growth and restoration of the 1857 Brewery District in Quincy, now offers artists, visitors and residents a fine arts gallery, brewery building tours and a revitalized annual Oktoberfest.
  • In addition to the Lincoln Storyboards dotting the downtown area, Quincy has now been named one of six Gateway Communities in the State of Illinois.

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