COVID-19 Closure of the City Buildings

Based on the advice of the Adams County Health Department, all City Buildings will be closing to the public until further notice.

Please click here to view the guidelines for outdoor food and beverage service.


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Ward 7Email Ald Holtschlag & Ald UzelacAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 6Email Ald Awerkamp & Ald ReisAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 5Email Ald Rein & Ald MastAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 4Email Ald Farha & Ald SassenAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 3Email Ald Ernst & Ald FinneyAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 2Email Ald Bauer & Ald BergmanAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 1 Email Ald McKiernan & Ald EntrupAldermanic Wards, City Council
Uzelac, BenWard 7 AldermanCity Council(217) 577-8869
Stegeman, MartyDirector of TransitTransit(217) 228-4550
Shore, SandyAirport DirectorAirport(217) 885-3285
Sassen, AnthonyWard 4 AldermanCity Council(217) 223-2037
Reis, RichieWard 6 AldermanCity Council(217) 257-0380
Rein, MikeWard 5 AldermanCity Council(217) 223-7979
Ray, SheriComptrollerComptroller(217) 228-4517
Murphy, JimDirector of IT - Risk ManagementInformation Technology, Risk Management(217) 221-3675
Moore, LindaCity TreasurerTreasurer(217) 228-4577
Moore, KyleMayorMayor(217) 228-4545
McClean, KevinDirector of Central ServicesCentral Services(217) 228-4520
Mays, JeffDirector of Administrative ServicesAdministration(217) 228-4545
Holtschlag, JackWard 7 AldermanCity Council(217) 257-7164