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Mays, JeffDirector of Administrative ServicesAdministration(217) 228-4545
Shore, SandyAirport DirectorAirport(217) 885-3285
Ward 1 Email Ald McKiernan & Ald EntrupAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 2Email Ald Bauer & Ald BergmanAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 3Email Ald Ernst & Ald FinneyAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 4Email Ald Farha & Ald SassenAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 5Email Ald Rein & Ald MastAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 6Email Ald Awerkamp & Ald ReisAldermanic Wards, City Council
Ward 7Email Ald Holtschlag & Ald UzelacAldermanic Wards, City Council
McClean, KevinDirector of Central ServicesCentral Services(217) 228-4520
Hayden, JennyCity ClerkCity Clerk(217) 228-4510
Ernst, TomWard 3 AldermanCity Council(217) 257-6177
Finney, JasonWard 3 AldermanCity Council(217) 577-9039
Bergman, JeffWard 2 AldermanCity Council(217) 222-9263
Bauer, DavidWard 2 AldermanCity Council(217) 430-5630
Entrup, EricWard 1 AldermanCity Council(217) 577-5500
Farha, MichaelWard 4 AldermanCity Council(217) 228-1741
Sassen, AnthonyWard 4 AldermanCity Council(217) 223-2037
Rein, MikeWard 5 AldermanCity Council(217) 223-7979
Reis, RichieWard 6 AldermanCity Council(217) 257-0380