Engineering FAQs

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Fix my sidewalk

  • I need an address for my house or development

  • I need to do some digging on City Right-of-Way

  • I need to report a pothole

  • I want to construct a new driveway for my house

  • I want to report a broken street light

  • I want to report a broken traffic signal

  • I want to temporarily place a trash dumpster in front of my house

  • I would like to have an Accessible Parking Space in front of my house

  • My garbage or recycling was not picked up

  • My Street or alley needs resurfacing

  • There is a dead or dangerous tree on City Right-of-Way

  • Where are my property pins along City Right of Way?

  • Where can I get a City Map?