Payment Methods

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Payment for ordinance tickets, such as parking tickets, are accepted at the Treasurer’s Office, may be placed in either drop box located in the 8th Street entrance foyer, or the drive-up box located on the west side of the building in the parking lot. The due date for these tickets is normally two weeks from the issue date. After the initial due date, a final notice is sent out and a late fee of $25.00 is added. When the ticket is 30 days past the issue date it is sent back to the Quincy Police Department for follow-up. Any questions or complaints about the tickets should be directed to the Watch Commander of the Police Department.


Trash stickers are sold in sheets of ten for $7.50. The small garbage bags require two sticker and large garbage bags require four stickers. The stickers are available at the Treasurer’s Office and at numerous businesses located throughout Quincy.


Parking spaces are available to rent on two of the city-owned parking lots. The fee for renting a stall is $25.00 per month, which is billed from the Treasurer’s Office. For availability on these parking spaces please contact the office at 228-4575. 


Payments for nuisance violations are paid at the treasurer’s office. Please call the office for verification of the amount due. Invoices not paid within thirty days result in a lien place on the property and will include filing and release fees.


Payment for invoices billed by the Treasurer’s Office can be made online via the City of Quincy Miscellaneous Invoice ePay, mailed, dropped off at one of our drop boxes, or brought into the office.


Beginning June 1, 2016, payments for invoices may be made online via the City of Quincy Miscellaneous Invoice ePay. Examples of charges that are invoiced by the Treasurer's Office include, but are not limited to, airport hangar rental, parking lot rental, health insurance, miscellaneous fire and police protection services, etc.

Online payments will not be accepted for ordinance violations, including parking tickets, fingerprinting services, GIS maps, and other miscellaneous payments that are payable to the Treasurer's Office, but for which no invoices are generated.

Any questions regarding online payments for specific charges can be directed to the Treasurer's Office at 217-228-4575.