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The City Treasurer is responsible for receipt, deposit, and recording of all revenues for the City of Quincy.  The Treasurer is also responsible for the control and monitoring of all the City’s bank accounts and for investing idle funds.  The Treasurer is required to keep records showing all money received, the source from which it was received, and the purpose for which it was paid out and also to keep an accurate account of all debts due to the city.

Money collected by the treasurer’s office is deposited daily in an interest bearing account. Idle funds are reviewed daily and invested according to the anticipated need.

Currently money is invested in banks within the city limits and Adams County. State statue limits the amount allowed at a bank with a formula based on the bank’s capital.

Monthly reports are required to the City Council showing the financial status of the city, including the amounts received and spent during the month for which the report is filed.

An annual report is also filed showing the total amount of all receipts and expenditures of the city, and all transactions as Treasurer during the preceding fiscal year.