Garbage Collection

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The Solid Waste Division of Central Services collects garbage from residential single-family dwellings and residential buildings having four or fewer units. 

All Quincy residents electing to use the City of Quincy for residential garbage collection must follow the guidelines listed under the Do’s & Don’ts section.  For those residents that would like to participate in the City of Quincy's garbage tote program, the  charge is $12.99 per month per tote.  Participants will pay a one-time garbage tote drop off fee of $60.00 per tote.  A serial number printed on the tote is associated with a specific address.  Garbage totes are the property of the City of Quincy and may not be transfered to another resident.   

To order a garbage tote or to cancel service please contact the Utility Billing Department at 217-228-4580. 

To report a missing or damaged garbage tote please contact the Solid Waste Division at 217-228-4557 or email at


Do's & Don'ts:                                  
  • In order for garbage to be collected, it must have the proper number of garbage stickers or be in a City of Quincy garbage tote.

  • A small garbage bag, up to 16 gallons, is $1.50.  Small garbage bags require 2 blue stickers or 1 red sticker.

  • A large garbage bag, more than 16 gallons, is $3.00.   Large garbage bags require 4 blue stickers or 2 red stickers.

  • All items must be inside an appropriate sized container with a tight closing lid. 

  • All garbage bags within a City of Quincy tote do not need stickers.

  • All garbage within a City of Quincy tote must be in a garbage bag.

  • Maximum cart weight load is 200 pounds.

  • Place container or cart at the edge of curb or alley at least three feet from other carts, buildings or objects.
  • Do not block sidewalks. 

  • Garbage must be set at the curb or the alley no later than 6 AM on collection day, but no earlier than 6 PM the day before collection day.

  • All containers must be removed from the street or alley no later than 6 PM the day of collection.

  • Syringes and broken glass should be placed in a rigid container with a tight-fitting lid before being put into cart.

  • NOT PERMITTED: Human waste, household hazardous waste, liquid paint, and construction, remodeling & demolition materials.

  • Animal waste should be placed in a plastic bag before being put into cart.

Garbage stickers are available for purchase at most grocery stores, gas stations/convenience stores, City Hall and Central Services.

Garbage and recycling will no longer be collected on holidays. Please click here to find out when your garbage will be collected during the next holiday.





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