Plan Commission

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The Quincy Plan Commission shall consist of seventeen (17) members of which thirteen (13) shall have the power to vote and four shall not have the power to vote. One (1) such member, with the power to vote, shall be the Mayor or a city official designated by the Mayor.  Six (6) such members with the power to vote, to be known as “Representative Members” shall respectively be appointed by the City Council, the Adams County Board of Supervisors, the Board of Commissioners of the Quincy Park District, the Adams County Board of Health, the Board of Education of Community Unit School District No. 172 of Adams County, and the Board of Commissioners of the Quincy Housing Authority.  The six (6) remaining voting members known as “at-large members” shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. One at large member shall reside outside the corporate limits of the city but within one and one-half (1 ½) miles thereof. The four (4) members without the power to vote, to be known as “Ex-Officio Members”, shall be City Officials serving Ex-Officio, namely the City Engineer, the Corporation Counsel, the Building Inspector, and the Director of Planning and Development. Meetings are called on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers unless date is a holiday then the meeting will be on the fourth Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers.  

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Name Address Phone

Jeff Mays
(Mayor's Representative)

City Hall 217-228-4545

Representative Members (6):
Alderman Katie Awerkamp
(City Council)
1936 Washington 217-577-9401
Barb Holthaus(Park District) 1655 Vermont
Tony Dede, LEHP
(Adams Co. Health Dept.)
330 Vermont 217-222-8440
ext. 124
Dave Bellis
(County Board)
523 South 18th St.
Elaine Davis
(Housing Authority)
2900 Woodside Dr 217-222-1560
ext. 236
George Meyer
(School Board)
119 Knollwood 217-223-7313

At-Large Members (6):
Tanner Freiburg 220 Einhaus Ln 217-430-7878
Julie Brink (Chair) (Reappt. 2015) 4400 North 24th St 217-222-2760
Greg Davis (Appt. 2011) 1900 Wilmar
Orchard Circle
Jim Citro 417 South 24th St 217-228-0053
Richard Smith 4131 Coachlight Ct 217-316-6337
Amy Looten
2124 North Wilmar Dr

Ex-Officio Members:
Bruce Alford (Legal Counsel) 636 Hampshire St 217-228-9770

Staff (Ex-Officio):
Charles Bevelheimer
(Director of P&D)
City Hall Annex 217-228-4515
Jeffrey Conte(City Engineer) City Hall 217-228-4527
Tom Fentem
(Community Planner) (Secretary)
City Hall Annex 217-221-3663
Michael Seaver
(Building Inspector)
City Hall Annex 217-228-4540