COVID-19 Closure of the City Buildings

Based on the advice of the Adams County Health Department, all City Buildings will be closing to the public at the end of business today (03/17/2020) until further notice.

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Enterprise Zone Board

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Created in December 1984. The membership of the Board consists of the Mayor, 2 Aldermen and 12 citizens. Meetings are called on an as needed basis.

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Name Address Phone
Mayor Kyle Moore 730 Maine 217-228-4500
Alderman Jack Holtschlag 633 Monroe 217-223-4675
Alderman Jennifer Lepper 2600 Monroe 217-223-4773
Chuck Bevelheimer
Director of Planning & Development
730 Maine 217-228-4515
Cathy Schluckebier
Community Development Planner
730 Maine 217-228-4515
Tim Finlay

Les Post
Adams County Board
2360 E. 2700th
Golden, IL 62339
Matt Obert
Adams County Board
5730 Audobon Ln. 217-222-4633
Kent Snider
Adams County Board
3921 Hampton Ln. 217-224-2672
Georgine Zimmerman
Adams Co. Courthouse
Supervisor of Assessments
1700 Curtis Creek 217-224-8643
Roy Webb
Quincy Public Schools
1416 Maine

217-228-7158 (EX2242)
Michael L Elbe
1301 So. 48th 217-641-4201
Mark Hayes
Bank of Quincy
1132 Broadway 217-223-7100
Marcel Wagner
300 Civic Center Plaza 217-223-4313
Bruce Guthrie
Historic Quincy Business District
510 Maine, Ste 310 217-228-8696
Greg Davis
German Village Society
912 South 8th St. 217-222-7262
Rome Fredricks
Quincy Park District
1231 Bonansinga Dr. 217-223-7703
Dick Klusmeyer
County Zone Resident Representative
1095 N. 2400th Ave.
Mendon, IL 62351
Jane Fredricks

Robert (Pete) Pohlman
At-Large Member
4507 Ghost Hollow Rd. 217-222-5769
Scott Schoonover
County Business/ Industry Representative
Farmers State Bank
Box 196
Liberty, IL 62347