Enterprise Zone Board

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Created in December 1984. The membership of the Board consists of the Mayor, 2 Aldermen and 12 citizens. Meetings are called on an as needed basis.

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Name Address Phone
Mayor Kyle Moore 730 Maine 217-228-4500
Alderman Jack Holtschlag 633 Monroe 217-223-4675
Alderman Jennifer Lepper 2600 Monroe 217-223-4773
Chuck Bevelheimer
Director of Planning & Development
730 Maine 217-228-4515
Cathy Schluckebier
Community Development Planner
730 Maine 217-228-4515
Tim Finlay

Les Post
Adams County Board
2360 E. 2700th
Golden, IL 62339
Matt Obert
Adams County Board
5730 Audobon Ln. 217-222-4633
Kent Snider
Adams County Board
3921 Hampton Ln. 217-224-2672
Georgine Zimmerman
Adams Co. Courthouse
Supervisor of Assessments
1700 Curtis Creek 217-224-8643
Roy Webb
Quincy Public Schools
1416 Maine

217-228-7158 (EX2242)
Michael L Elbe
1301 So. 48th 217-641-4201
Mark Hayes
Bank of Quincy
1132 Broadway 217-223-7100
Marcel Wagner
300 Civic Center Plaza 217-223-4313
Bruce Guthrie
Historic Quincy Business District
510 Maine, Ste 310 217-228-8696
Greg Davis
German Village Society
912 South 8th St. 217-222-7262
Rome Fredricks
Quincy Park District
1231 Bonansinga Dr. 217-223-7703
Dick Klusmeyer
County Zone Resident Representative
1095 N. 2400th Ave.
Mendon, IL 62351
Jane Fredricks

Robert (Pete) Pohlman
At-Large Member
4507 Ghost Hollow Rd. 217-222-5769
Scott Schoonover
County Business/ Industry Representative
Farmers State Bank
Box 196
Liberty, IL 62347