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City Licenses and Permits

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Sign Permits

  • Departments:Planning & Development
  • Divisions:City Permits
  • Phone:(217) 228-4515


Sign permits ensure that sign construction and materials conform to the provisions of the International Building Code/2000 Edition and the city of Quincy's Municipal Code, Section 29.1401, as amended.  The purpose of the IBC and sign code is to protect public health, safety and welfare by requiring safe construction and erection of signs and to allow both on premise and off premise signs and advertising.

Applications are available at the Department of Planning and Development, Inspection Office, located at 706 Maine Street, 3rd floor, City Hall Annex or you may download the applications in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

Applications are also available at the Department of Planning and Development, Inspection Office, located at 706 Maine Street, 3rd floor, City Hall Annex.

A sign permit is required before installing or erecting any new sign or standard outdoor advertising structure (billboard) within the limits of the city of Quincy or within the contiguous territory within one and one-half (1 1/2) miles beyond the corporate limits.  The owner or licensed sign contractor is required to complete a sign permit application (building permit application.)

Review of Application and Plans: 
The Zoning Administrator will review submitted materials for compliance with the building code and sign ordinance.  The Inspection Office can usually complete the review and notify the applicant within 3 to 5 working days of the receipt of a completed application.  If the application and plans comply with the building codes and sign ordinance, a sign permit (building permit) will be issued.

Permit Fee Schedule: 
The cost of a sign permit is determined by Section 29.1404(3)(d).  A copy of the fee structure for Signs and Standard Outdoor advertising structure (billboards) is listed below:


           Sign Size
        0 - 24 square feet
      25 - 49 square feet
      50 - 74 square feet
      75 - 99 square feet
    100 - 150 square feet
    Over 150 square feet
    Temporary Signs



                            POSTER PANEL - BILLBOARDS

            Billboard Size
          0 - 199 square feet
      200 - 300 square feet


Inspection Sequence:
The cost of an inspection is included in the sign permit fee.  All signs including billboards must comply with city and state statutes.  All sign inspections will be conducted in the following sequence:

    1. Footing Inspection - Approved plans must be on site
    2. Structural Support inspection
    3. Final


For More Information: 
Planning & Development
City Hall Annex- 706 Maine Street 
Quincy, Illinois   6230l 

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