COVID-19 Closure of the City Buildings

Based on the advice of the Adams County Health Department, all City Buildings will be closing to the public at the end of business today (03/17/2020) until further notice.

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City Licenses and Permits

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Floodway Permit

A Floodway Permit is required prior to any development within a designated floodplain.  Development is defined as any man-made change to real estate including grading, filling, utility installation, building construction and fence installation. The floodways are located adjacent to the Mississippi River, Cedar, Emery and Curtis Creeks and their tributaries.

Floodway Permits can be issued for certain developments only if the new development will not increase the flood potential for adjacent property owners.

Requirements:  All construction within a floodplain must be constructed to withstand the 100-Year Flood.  Certain developments will also require permits from the Corp of Engineers, the Department of Water Resources of the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency prior to the issuance of the Floodway Permit.  Developments adjacent to the floodplain may require an Elevation Certificate verifying that a development is located above the 100-Year Flood Elevation.

Application:  Floodway Permits can be obtained from the Engineering Department located on the 2nd floor at City Hall, 730 Maine Street. 

Fee:  No fee

For additional information, please contact the Engineering Department at (217)228-4527.

For More Information:
Jeffrey Conte, City Engineer
City Hall, 730 Maine 
Quincy, Illinois  6230l 

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