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City Licenses and Permits

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Fence Permit

  • Departments:Planning & Development
  • Divisions:City Permits
  • Phone:(217) 228-4515


A fence permit is required any time a fence is constructed. 


Fence permit applications are available at the Department of Planning and Development, Inspection Office located at 706 Maine Street, 3rd Floor, City Hall Annex or you may download the application form using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Fence Permit Application [PDF] or please use the Online Fillable PDF Form.


The following summarized provisions of the Municipal Code of Quincy regulate the height and location of fences on private property.

Fences: Except for fences and screens located on a farm, as defined in Section 162.210, and security fences in any industrial (M) district, fences or screens shall be constructed and maintained only under the following conditions:

  1. For the purpose of this Section, the following definitions shall apply:
    a.  Berm:  A strip of elevated ground;
    b.  Finished Elevation: Land elevation determined by the average
         elevation within 15 feet of either side of a fence.

  2. Fences and screens of 4 feet in height or less may be located in any part of a lot, except no fence more than 3 feet in height may be located within 30 feet of the intersection of two public streets;

  3. Fences and screens of 6 feet in height or less may be located in a side or a rear yard, as defined by Section 162.060 et seq.;

  4. Where a rear yard or side yard abuts or joins the front yard of a lot, no fence higher than 4 feet shall be located along the adjoining or abutting front yard.

  5. Fence height shall be determined by the panel height of the fence, excluding fence posts.

  6. The average distance between the base of the fence panels and the finished elevation shall not exceed 6 inches;

  7. On corner lots, no fence shall exceed 4 feet in height on the street side yard or rear yard, as defined in Section 162.060 et seq.;

  8. The following rules shall apply to fences or screens on berms:
    a.  A maximum height of 6 feet shall be allowed for fences which are 
         located on berms 30 inches or less in height from the finished 
    b.  The combined height of a berm and fence or screen from the
         finished elevation shall not exceed 8 ½ feet when the fence or 
         screen is located on an artificial berm greater than 30 inches in 
         height from the finished elevation.
    c.  Berms shall be constructed of earthen materials with a maximum 
         slope of 3:1.
    d.  Grass or ground cover shall be used to prevent erosion of the berm

  9. The height of all fences or screens shall be measured from the finished elevation.
General Provisions - Definition of Yards

Front Yard - A yard extending along the full length of front lot line between the side lot lines  (and not side yards lines).
Side Yard - A yard extending along the side lot line from the front to the rear yard.
Rear Yard - A yard extending along the full length of the rear lot line between the side lot lines (and not the side yard lines).

Encroachments - It is unlawful to erect or maintain any building, structure or object,which encroaches upon any public street, sidewalk or property except upon special permit from the City Council.

Permit Fee: $50

For More Information: 
Michael Seaver, Building Official, Director of Inspection & Enforcement
City Hall Annex 
706 Maine Street, Third Floor
Quincy, Illinois 62301

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