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City Licenses and Permits

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Electrical Permit

  • Departments:Planning & Development
  • Divisions:City Permits
  • Phone:(217) 228-4515

A permit shall be required to construct, alter, or repair electrical distribution systems. Electrical installations, repairs, and alterations shall conform to the national electrical code, 2011 Edition (NFPA 70), as amended and adopted in Section 54.02 of The Municipal Code.


Electrical permit applications are available at the Department of Planning and Development, Inspection Office located at 706 Maine Street, 3rd Floor, City Hall Annex or you may also download the application form using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Electrical Permit Form [PDF] or please use the Online Fillable PDF Form.

A permit shall be required to construct, alter or repair an electrical distribution system installed in any residence, apartment or commercial or industrial building within the limits of the city of Quincy or within the jurisdictional area 1 ½ miles beyond the corporate limits prior to the start of work. 

eview of Application:
The Electrical Inspector will review the submitted materials for compliance with the National Electrical Code and all other local requirements.  The Inspection Office can usually complete its review and notify the applicant within 3 to 5 working days of the receipt of a completed application.  If the application and plans comply with all regulations, a permit will be issued. 

ermit Fee Schedule:
Section 54.03 of the Municipal Code of Quincy determines the cost of an electrical permit. A sample electrical permit fee for a residential and commercial structure is provided below: 

Service Entrance:

          120-480 Volts
  120-240 Volts
 100 Amp
 $90.00  $85.00
 101 to 200 Amp
 $140.00  $95.00
 201 to 400 Amp
 $270.00  $120.00
 401 to 600 Amp
 $300.00  $155.00
 601 to 800 Amp
 $360.00 $185.00
 801 to 1200 Amp
 1201 to 1600 Amp
 1601 to 2000 Amp
 2001 to 3000 Amp
 3001 to 4000 Amp


Building Wiring:

Commerical Industrial Fee Structure
 Fee equals the sum of 1., 2., and 3.
 50 Volt - 480 volt wiring opening:
   1.  3 to 24 openings, minimum charge
   2.  208 volts - 480 volts - up to 2 openings, minimum charge
   3.  Each additional opening
 $  3.25
 Residential Fee Structure
 Fee equals the sum of 1., 2., and 3.
 50 volt - 240 volt wiring opening:
   1.  3 to 40 openings, minimum charge
   2.  121 volts - 240 volts - up to 2 openings, minimum charge
   3.  Each additional opening
 $  1.00


Upon the completion of any installation or alteration of electrical equipment for which a permit or license is required, the person, firm or corporation making the installation or alteration shall notify the Inspection Department. All installations are to remain visible until the inspection is performed.

For More Information:
Mark Scheuermann, Electrical Inspector
City Hall Annex - 706 Maine Street
Quincy, Illinois 62301



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