Water Rates

25.303 General Consumption Rates

(1) Generally: The following general water rates are hereby established:

Cubic Fee per Quarter Rate or Cost per
100 Cubic Feet
First 10,000 cubic feet $1.94
Next 90,000 cubic feet $1.74
Over 100,000 cubic feet $1.32

(2) Minimum Rates:
In no case shall the gross bill of any customer (including eleemosynary institutions) be less than the amount stated below:

For 5/8" meter $13.31/quarter
For 1" meter $32.45/quarter
For 1 1/2" meter $65.52/quarter
For 2" meter $96.84/quarter
For 3" meter $161.23/quarter
For 4" meter $235.90/quarter
For 6" meter $408.85/quarter
For 8" meter $643.69/quarter
For 10" meter $968.97/quarter


(3) Outside Corporate Limits:

     (a) Residential: Residential consumption rates outside corporate limits  
      shall be double the rates and minimum specified in subparagraph (1)
      and (2) of this section.

     (b) Commercial: Commercial and industrial consumption outside the
     corporate limits shall be 1 1/4 times the rates and minimums specified in
     subparagraph (1) and (2) of this section if non- contiguous, and 1 1/2
     times if contiguous.

(4) Eleemosynary or Charitable Organizations:

    (a) Generally: Eleemosynary or charitable organizations located in the
    City of Quincy shall be charged $1.32 per 100 cubic feet of water
    consumed but shall be subject to the meter rate established in
    subparagraph (2) of this section.

   (b) Defined: For purposes hereof, an organization will be deemed to be
   eleemosynary or charitable if the property receiving water services is
   exempt from real property taxation under the law of the State of Illinois
   and is approved as such by the City Council. The Superintendent may
   require proof of continuing compliance with this provision and may
   withdraw approval relative to any organization failing to comply. An
   organization will no longer be considered eleemosynary or charitable
   even if approved by the City Council if the property is no longer exempt.
   Organizations which have been approved by the City Council are as

Blessed Sacrament St. Francis School
Blessing Hospital St. James School
Board of Education  St. Peter's School
Community Unit School District
No. 172
St. Vincent's Home
Calvary Cemetery Salvation Army
Chaddock Social Center Association
Cherrful Home Sunset Home
Good Samaritan Home Sycamore Health Care
Greenmount Cemetery Transitions of Western Illinois
Quincy Christian Academy Valley of Peace Cemetery
Quincy Notre Dame High School Woodland Cemetery
Quincy Park District Woodland Home
Quincy University Y.M.C.A
St. Boniface Cemetery Y.W.C.A
St. Dominic's School  


(5) Penalty: A penalty of 10% will be added to the amount due if such    amount is not paid on or prior to the 20th day following the original date    set forth in the current bill.