Weekend/Holiday Schedules

Saturday/Sunday/Holiday buses leave 7th and Jersey Streets at 6:45 a.m. and run until 5:00 p.m.)

North Route   South Route      
Begin 8th & Jersey :45  Begin 8th & Jersey :45
6th & Maine :46 7th & York :46
5th & Vermont :46 8th & Washington :48
5th & Broadway :47 5th & Washington :49
5th & Locust :50 Indian Hills :52
12th & Locust :51    
18th & Locust :52 12th & Harrison :54
18th & Koch's Lane :54 Hy-Vee (Harrison) :55
12th & Koch's Lane :56 24th & State :59
Cedar Creek Apt :58 Country Club Heights :00
Veterans Home Loop :00 Harvest Hills :05
8th & Locust :02    
12th & Chestnut :05
36th & State
20th & Chestnut  :07 36th & Maine :09
22nd & Elm :08 
Transitions/Cardinal Apt.
30th & College
(Influent if requested)
County Market 48th&Bdwy
(Home Depot by request)
Behind Quincy Mall to 36th :12 
Prairie Trails/Best Buy
HyVee thru QCY Commons(Walmart and CRC by request)
:16  Kohl's (Sam's & Menards by request) :17 
K-Mart :18  Wal-Mart (CRC by request) :21
24th & Spring :23  24th & Maine :28
8th & Broadway :27  8th & Jersey :35 
8th & Jersey :29     



SUNDAY/HOLIDAY ROUTE  (View Sunday/Holiday route Map)


South Route: Bus will leave 7th and Jersey, west on Jersey, south on 7th, east on York, south on 8th, west on Washington, south on 5th, east on Harrison, south on 8th, east on RJ Peters Drive, thru Hy-Vee, east on Harrison, north on 24th, east on State to CCH – thru CCH, east on State, south on 36th, go thru Harvest Hills and Curtis Creek Apts (by request only), north on 36th, east on Main, thru Transitions, east on Maine, north on 48th, thru County Market, east on Broadway, Home Depot by request only, thru Prairie Crossing, west on Broadway, Menards & Sam’s Club by request only,  north on 52nd to Wal-Mart (CRC by request, front of mall by request), west on Oak, south on 48th, west on Broadway, south on 24th, west on Maine, south on 8th, west on Jersey to transfer point

North Route: Bus will leave 7th & Jersey, West on Jersey, North on 6th, west on Maine, North on 5th, east on Locust, North on 12th, east on Locust to 18th, north on 18th, west on Koch’s lane, south on 12th, loop through Veterans’ Home, exit onto Locust, east on Locust, south on 12th, east on Chestnut, south on 20th, east on Elm (by request only North to QDC)), south on 30th, go east behind Quincy Mall to 36th, south on 36th, east into Quincy Commons, thru Commons to 38th, east on Broadway (County Market by request), north on 52nd into Wal-Mart, west on Oak 48th ( CRC by request), south on 48th, west on Broadway, north on 38th into K-Mart, west on Broadway, north on 25th, west on Spring, south on 24th, west on Broadway, south on 8th, west on Jersey to transfer point