Blue Route Schedules

Both Blue Route #4 buses begin at 6:10 a.m. at Kmart. Both buses operate Monday through Friday.

54th & Broadway   22nd & Harrison      
Leave Kmart :12  Leave Kmart :12
Transitions CRC :18 County Market :15
Wal-Mart :20 Prairie Crossing :20
Transitions :25 Home Deopt :22
Shopko/Theater :32 Transitions :25
28th & Chestnut :36 JWCC :30
18th & Kock's Lane :40 Harvest Hills Apartments :35
Cedar Creek Apartments :42 24th & Harrison :38
18th & Locust :47 13th & Harrison (HyVee) :40
*43rd & Wismann :50 24th & Cherry Lane :48
*Industrial Support Services :52 Country Club Heights :53
Vatterott College :55 Village Inn :58
Kmart :00 Quincy Commons :59
    Kmart :00

**Bus deviates to these places at 6:50 a.m., 7:50 a.m., 3:50 p.m. and 4:50 p.m.


Route #4 BLUE ROUTE SCHEDULES (View Blue route Map)


NORTH (formerly 54th & Broadway): Leave K-Mart, north to Columbus Road, east to 48th, south to CRC entrance, through CRC to 48th, south to Oak, east to Wal-Mart, through Wal-Mart to 52nd, south to Maine, west to Transitions, through circle drive to Maine, west to 33rd, north on 33rd to Mall, through mall (stop at Main Mall entrance between Penney’s and Bergner’s) west out of mall to 30th, north to Chestnut, west to 18th, north to Koch’s Lane, west to 12th, (#) south to Locust, east to 30th, north to Wismann Lane, east to 36th, south to Broadway, east to east entrance of K-Mart to transfer point in front of K-Mart…

(XX) At 6:50 a.m., 7:50 a.m., 3:50 p.m. & 4:50 p.m. bus will go east on Wisman Lane to 43rd Street, south to Denman Laundry, through parking lot to 43rd, north to Wisman Lane, west to 42nd Street, north on 42nd to north entrance of I.S.S. parking lot, turnaround in entrance of parking lot and exit to 42nd Street, south to Wisman Lane, west to 36th Street and resume route.

(#) Will transfer to/from Route 1 at the Veterans Home if requested

SOUTH (formerly 22nd & Harrison): Leave K-Mart, go east to Steak & Shake drive to 38th Street intersection, go east to 48th, south to County Market, through County Market and back to Broadway, east on Broadway to Prairie Crossing entrance, turn right and go past Best Buy, go in front of Lowe’s, stop at west end of Kohl’s and exit back to Broadway, west to 54th, south on 54th to Maine, west to Transitions, go through circle drive to Maine, east on Maine to 48th, south on 48th to JWCC, through JWCC to 48th, north on 48th to State, west to 36th, south on 36th to (*) Harrison, west to Hy-Vee, exit Hy-Vee to 12th, south on 12th to Cherry Lane, east on Cherry Lane to 24th, north to State, east to Country Club Heights, through Country Club Heights to State, east to 36th, north to West entrance to Quincy Commons, through Quincy Commons to 38th Street intersection, north to K-Mart, west to transfer point in front of K-Mart…

(*) While going south on 36th, driver will check Curtis Creek and Harvest Hills Apartments for Blue Signal Light that indicates there are people to be transported…