Washington Theater Commission

Created July 7, 2003.  The membership is comprised of fourteen (14) voting members.  Of the fourteen, one (1) member shall be a member of the City Council.  Additionally, one (1) member shall be a Department of Planning and Development staff ex-officio non-voting member for a total of fifteen (15) members. Seven members shall serve a two year term and seven members shall serve a three year term.

Name Address Phone
Adam Duesterhaus (A-2012) 220 N. 18th St, Apt. E2 217-430-8382

Ann Pfaffe (A-2003)

1202 N. 11th Street 217-222-3762

Sue Allen (A-2016)


William Arp (A-2013)

206 North 24th St. 217-223-4243
Sharon Bartelt (A-2017)  1316 S 35th St 217-257-6305
Beau Becraft    
Marvin Durham    
Carlos Fernandez 513 Hampshire St. 217-228-6600
Jim Lawrence (A-2003) 513 Hampshire St. 217-228-6653
Chuck McClain (A-2014) 230 S. 24th Street  
Signe Oakley (A-2008) 2900 Southfield Dr. 217-222-6926
Tony Oakley - Emeritus
2900 Southfield Dr. 217-222-6926
Chuck Bevelheimer
706 Maine St. 217-228-4515
Garris Brown 729 S 22nd St  317-577-4884

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