Quincy Area Convention & Visitor's Bureau

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of eight (8) individuals. These Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting and be selected as follows subject to the following criteria: One Director shall be a City Council member appointed by the Mayor of the City of Quincy; One Director shall be a hotel/motel representative; One Director shall be a restaurant representative; One Director shall be a County Board member appointed by the Chairman of the Adams County Board; Two Directors shall be at large; One Director shall be a representative from Hancock County; One Director shall be a representative from Pike County. All Directors not appointed by the Mayor and the Adams County Board Chairman shall be selected by the then-sitting Board of Directors from the slate of persons submitted by the Nominating Committee as provided elsewhere in these By-Laws.

Name Address Phone
(A-Appointed, R-Reappointed, E-Expires)
Ted Meyer (E-2014)
2066 Hwy 24
Camp Point, IL 62320
Duane Venverloth (E-2014)
1st Vice Chairman
Adams County Board Representative
138 N. Front St. 217-242-1542
Jeff Scott (E-2014)
2nd Vice Chairman
Scottie's Fun Spot
8000 Broadway
Charlie Doan (E-2014)
2322 Hill Road 217-224-2296
Dax Fohey (E-2014)
Hotel Representative
T & C Inn
110 North 54th St.
Alderman Tony Sassen 2129 Grove Ave. 217-223-2037
Kim Orth (E-2014)
Hancock County Representative
Nauvoo Tourism Office
1295 Hulholland St.
P.O. Box 500
Nauvoo, IL 62354
Kaye Iftner (E-2014)
Pike County Representative

Pike County Chamber of Commerce
224 W. Washington St.
P.O. Box 283
Pittsfield, IL 62363