Police Pension Board

Initial appointments are for a two year term.  The membership shall consist of five members.  Of these members two shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Council, two shall be elected from the regular police force of the city, and one shall be elected from the beneficiaries of the pension.  Elected members shall be selected in the manner provided by law.

Meeting Date & Time: Meet quarterly, or as needed
Location: Police Department Library/Conference Room

Name Address Phone
Sam Tedrow -
4228 Bedford Ct. 217-257-1093
Marvin Hufford -
Assistant Secretary
3645 Manor Hill Dr. 217-222-3334
Ronald Dreyer -
3320 Callaway Dr. 217-228-8961
Mark Folkenroth -
110 South 8th St. 217-228-4475
Bryan Dusch -
110 South 8th St. 217-228-4470
Peggy Crim -
730 Maine 217-228-4500