Garbage/Recycling Committee

Created 2012. The membership of the Committee consists of the Director of Administrative Services, Director of Central Services, City Engineer, Corporation Counsel, and 4 Aldermen.

Name Address Phone
Alderman Tony Sassen
2129 Grove Ave. 217-223-2037
Alderman Dave Bauer 1621 Chestnut St. 217-224-3822
Alderman Dan Brink 2311 St. Charles Dr. 217-222-6223
Alderman Jared Holbrook 627 Hamilton Ave. 217-316-5178
Alderwoman Jennifer Lepper 2600 Monroe 217-223-4773
Mariann Barnard    
Michael Hinkamper    
Marty Stegeman
Central Services Director
City Engineer   217-228-4527
Director of Admin. Services   217-228-4545
Corporation Counsel