Aeronautics Committee

Created on October 21st, 1946. Initial appointments are for a 3-year term. The membership of the Committee consists of the Mayor, Airport Director, 3 aldermen and 3 appointed citizens. Meets as needed.

(A-Appointed, R-Reappointed,

Address Phone
Voting Members
Alderman Tom Ernst
Chair (A-2017)
2703 Kings Pointe NW 217-257-6177
Alderman Richie Reis
1000 St. Charles 217-430-9968
Alderman Jeff VanCamp
1827 West Wilmar 217-242-0981
Ron Frillman (E-2012) 1443 Maine 217-222-2080
Orville B. Jones (E-2013) 811 North 8th 217-224-6844
Jerry Dreier (E-2014) 6431 Church
Hills Road
Non-Voting Interested Parties
Andrew Dow
Great River Aviation
1647 Highway 104 217-885-3353
Stan Frese
Gilmer Township Rep
Kirk Kvitle
General Aviation Pilot Rep