9-1-1 Governing Board

Created in January 1988.  The initial appointments are for a 3-year term.  The membership of the Committee consists of 3 Alderman, 3 County Board members, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Adams County Sheriff, Adams County EMS Chief and Adams County Rural Fire member.  Meetings are called the third Wednesday of January, April, July and October at 5:15 p.m. at the Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1 Center, 222 N. 52nd Street.
Name Address Phone
Alderman Mike Farha (2016)
2043 Vermont St. 217-228-1741
Alderman Jeff Bergman(2017) 1413 College Ave. 217-222-9263
Alderman Jennifer Lepper (2018) 2600 Monroe St. 217-223-4773
Austin, Brett
Adams County Board 
110 N. 5th St  217-653-1306
Ryan Niekamp
Adams County Board (2018)
1323 N. 12th St. 217-617-2618
Dave Bellis
Adams County Board (2016)
523 S. 18th St. 217-224-9832
Robert Copley
Quincy Police Chief
110 S. 8th St. 217-228-4480
Joe Henning
Quincy Fire Chief
906 Vermont St. 217-228-4459
Vonderhaar, Brian
Adams County Sheriff
521 Vermont St. 217-277-2206
Adams County EMS Chief
330 Vermont St. 217-277-2001
Bill Johnson
Adams County Rural Fire Assoc.
100 Adams
Coatsburg, IL
ext. 3124